As an independent financial consultant and registered representative of H. Beck, Inc., 

Karl Vandenberg can help you:

  • Establish an "emergency fund"
  • Establish a 'savings program"
  • Plan for your retirement years
  • Provide coverage in the event you need long term care

"Click Here" for free information and education link on the progression of long term care.
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  • Protect your income during a disability
  • Provide for your family at death
  • Establish a burial trust
  • Evaluate your estate planning needs
  • Protect your mortgage
  • Save for college

 If you are a business owner:  

  • Provide tax-favored employee benefits
  • Provide life insurance for key employees
  • Provide disability income insurance for key employees
  • Plan for the continuation of your business
  • Save for yours and your employee's retirement years
  • Provide coverage for business overhead expenses in the event of your disability
Karl is in his 24th year of helping people protect themselves and their families from the financial loss that can occur from death or disability.  
He will share with you valuable strategies of how to save money for your current and future living needs. 

Karl Vandenberg Financial Services, LLC
1508 E. Lincoln Avenue
Little Chute, WI 54140
Phone: (920) 788-5253
Fax: (920) 687-0734 

Our Commitment

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a knowledgeable professional to assist you with your financial future, Karl will be happy to meet with you under no obligation.  
You can then evaluate his sincerity, attention to detail, and personal commitment to providing you with trustworthy service. 
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